Clothing links

I just don’t know what area or century my persona will inhabit so here are a few more European ones:

Sideless surcote:

Click to access SidelessHandout.pdf

Which is also called a ‘cycles’ here:

General Costuming
a links page with lots of dead links but still useful

Thanks to my friend Lynn whose persona is Chinese I have a lovely Chinese name which I would very much like to keep: Li Zhen. The problem is that I become overwhelmed when trying to figure out garb for her. D suggested I investigate peasant clothing. Meanwhile here’re more links.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Works of the Needle:
Some Artistic Currents in Cross-Cultural Exchange by Carolyn Priest-Dorman
There are links in this which lead to other info. This woman presents a huge amount of well researched information which I’ve read even though I’m not very interested in this time period (although I keep being reminded that in truth my own ancestors can be traced to Norway in the 1430’s).
The Costume Gallery’s Research Library
Medieval Costume 100-1499AD
good links to pages where there are images and very specific info on hair dressing, heraldry, cross-stitch and so on.

By Braun & Schneider – c.1861-1880
Wahoo!!! At last, pictures!! This covers hundreds of years and thousands of miles but alas, not the bits I have the most interest in.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
Images of the manuscripts

DScriptorium is devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digital images of Medieval manuscripts (D is for Digital)

Metropolitan Museum (MOMA) Free Books



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More SCA links

Barony of Madrone

AnTi Embellishers group

The Victoria & Albert Museum
Search for anything, amazing resource

Ragweed Forge:
many links re knives, strikers

How to cut feathers into quills

Needle case project

Largess ideas (all that cool little period stuff I can make)
Facebook group of largess makers

Newbie garb, lots of links
Good, maybe even period, tunics
How to wear a veil

Mongolian deel
Google image search with nice results  mongolian deel
How to sew one


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Mediaeval Research

Another general link that has a multitude of other helpful links:

For What It’s Worth
Fascinating comparison of mediaeval / modern costs & values

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Hand sewing

I came across this lovely little button:

Because I haven’t any idea how to make it actually BE a button I’ll include the web address where I found it:

D & I have been invited to go to a weekend long SCA event and, since it will be my first one, I’ve been obsessively hunting through SCA and other reenactor sites for info on creating a persona.  As I am easily side-tracked I have 17 browser windows open so I’m going to use this post as a to-do list and a reminder of all those wonderful sites I’ve found.

What’s important to me and what isn’t:

I want her to be:
literate, not of higher status than merchant class, well traveled

For garb:
COMFORT so for several years I’ve thought of being a Mongul

Katafalk: time spent with resting hands is time wasted
“Time spent with resting hands is time wasted” sums up my attitude, too. Perhaps joining the SCA will give focus to my handcrafts.
This woman’s site is fabulous! She has a tutorial on the Lengberg brassiere which I intend to use no matter what era or area I decide upon. 14th Century & 16th Century German are her areas of concentration.

The Young Sewphisticate: A sewing blog devoted to the past, present & future of costume
Her focus is colonial America but she has many useful fabric links

American Duchess: Historical Costuming
This specific link to the blog lands at her Miss Fisher wardrobe – a favorite show and time period.
Shoes, beautiful shoes!

Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread
This link lands at her How-To videos for embroidery stitches. My hand sewing is much superior to my embroidery but if I practice my embroidery won’t be embarrassing.

The Cognitive Shift or 18th century shifts, what I know and how I learned it
by Sharon Ann Burnston
Much too modern but perhaps not really. I don’t actually think there is a huge difference except the gathers? I like the monogram idea and imagine that a household of several women would indeed mark their clothing (memories of sewing in name tags before heading off to camp comes burbling up).

Mongolian/Chinese links traditional dels Chinese hat Yuan Dynasty gown Beautiful Oriental costumes Their Designs and Colors (from 1922)

General History & Maps World History 300 – 1500 CE Europe 979AD – 1215AD

Choosing A Persona by Modar Neznanich
Includes a list of questions to make me think of more than how much I would enjoy sewing a particular garment.

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any little thing that is happy-making

I’ve had a lot of therapy in the last few years and one thing I have truly learned is to really notice any little thing that is happy-making because there are times when it seems there is nothing positive and never will be.

My ex and I have been legally separated for a long time but have remained best friends. He tells people we got divorced so we could remain friends.

A note on our personal terminology:
we say “ex-” or “divorced” but in reality we are legally separated and there is a reason for that, a damned good reason.

We are still legally married and that means when I was in the cath lab & had a ‘widow-maker’ heart attack he was able to say “Hell, yes, crack her chest, get her back. I know that’s what she would want.” I’ve always been grateful for that. Think about it, all my ex would have had to say is, “It’s against her religion to have extraordinary measures taken” and they would have taken me off that heart pump.

Here’s a word of caution:
if the phrase “Divorce the bastard” resonates with you, d.o.-i.t.-n.o.w. or at least fill out one of those living will things that designates someone you trust to make the same life or death decisions about your own body that you would if you could.

Give it a little more thought.

Do you want … (fill in the blank- here are some possibilities):
your legal partner
the parents you couldn’t wait to escape from
your only sibling, the one who is a religious fanatic
the state
…….to make that decision?

Now that I’ve explained all that I’m back to the first paragraph. There are times when it seems there is nothing positive and never will be:

He has stage IV cancer.

I’m noticing I really like the fuchsia color of my water bottle, it makes me happy and I’m holding on to that thought. Now I’m going to watch Youtube vids of cute kittens.


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Right now I use a crammed-too-full crimson pocket size filofax as a wallet. I have a collection of personal size Franklin Coveys & an A5 no-name which might be my 2nd favorite (after the little Filofax).
Being one who can truly be called a scatterwit I’ve found it’s impossible to make up my mind which one to use. I am using the A5 for a particular project that should be finished in August and one of the personal sized Franklin Coveys is my current “important information” book.
Once the project is completed I hope to use the A5 as a desk/all-in-one-place book but I need to figure out how to transfer information from the pocket to the A5 in an efficent way. Actually, I want to figure that out now so I can apply it to my current pocket/personal situation. I also made a fake Midori which contains even more, mostly diary and artwork stuff.
I keep telling myself I will figure out how to make it all work.
Right now I want to design a Health journal. I have half a dozen autoimmune diseases, I’ve had a heart attack and my diet is a disaster. I need more exercise. I don’t need to lose weight and my blood pressure is dangerously low. I am prescribed many, many medications that I need to keep track of too.
Oh, I also have to have the phone numbers and other contact information for all of the specialists I see. Additionally I need to track when a medication is started and ended (doctors want to know this stuff decades after it happened). The surgeries, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, vaccinations and minor procedures I’ve had all need to be noted so I can fill out yet another set of clinic questionnaires that every single specialist wants to know even though it’s already in the computer because the doc is connected to one of the hospitals that treated me.(If my insurance company decides to make me change providers again I might go postal.)
The last things I’m supposed to track are symptoms and pain levels in specific areas.
If there’s anybody out there who has a complex health journal already figured out or any ideas about how to make one I’d be grateful.

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Filofax and Zentangles obsession

I am currently obsessed with Filofax, day runners, daytimers, and several other planners I’ve found out there. It makes sense: organization AND leather. It’s a combo irresistible to me. I can’t afford them tho I do have a couple of leather covers stashed in my stuff somewhere, probably on the peninsula.

In the meantime, I’m using my Levenger junior notebook. I was majorly happy to discover Staples has developed a series of products that are essentially the same but cost less than half. I’m not a fan of Staples or of any of the other big box office supply stores but sometimes I have to visit one of them.

I so miss the old stationery and office supply stores. The other day, in a storage unit, I came across something that had a J K Gill price tag. That may have been the last stationery store I was ever in. They didn’t have much in the way of furniture but you could be sure of finding pens that produce different thicknesses of line which is important “just because” and because of my other enthusiasm: Zentangles. It’s nice to have a pen that will produce a very fine line when you try to tangle.

I have significant but subtle neuro impairment and I know early intervention is extremely important. There’s a window where cognitive rehab is most effective and, frankly, I’m already outside of it. I’m pretty sure I won’t get any cognitive rehab so I had to find my own. Zentangles is the answer to one of my issues.

I used to have handwriting and printing which was often admired. A frequent comment made about my printing was “It looks like a computer font!” That was pre heart attack. I don’t know if it’s because of the anoxia from temporary death or if it’s from the anesthesia, but I no longer have reasonable fine motor skills. A way to practice is to attempt tangles.

Google it. I’d put in a link but I’m not up to learning how to do that from my tablet tonight.

Zentangles. Really, I didn’t make it up.

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Rhododendron hell

I’ve just moved into a house. The front yard is tiny & more than half of it is being used by 2 enormous rhododendrons. I have no idea what variety they are but after reading many of the articles on the ARS site I’m guessing they are large leaf, I know they have purple flowers. Because they look as if grape and raspberry kool-aid had been poured over dryer lint and strewn across the bushes I decided to see what I could do to make them look better, reduce their size, and increase their health.

I’m overwhelmed. They are in what passes for full sun on the Olympic peninsula and although it rains here more often than not, there are periods of time when the sun beats down on them unmercifully. In addition:

  • The leaves look sickly.
  • They block the light into the front rooms.
  • I want to be able to clear the rubbish from underneath them without being impaled on dead branches.

I whacked one of them back in late April or early May figuring the light gained in the living room was worth the chance I would kill it outright. It didn’t die, it still flowered and now I feel as if I’m stuck with them. Oh, and yes, I do know that huge stands of rhodies are called “hells.” I only have 2 and they are my own tiny little piece of hell.

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